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St. Doris the climate saint

Do you often ignore that inner voice of yours, which tells you to behave better? So did she ^

Admit it. You have a nagging consciousness, which tells you to be more helpful, just, generous and far-sighted. In short all those bloody angelic virtues which forbid you from being selfish, and making choices that give instant gratification, of which you’ll surely regret later.

Well, I believe that Switzerland’s Environmental minister, Doris Leuthard, has been ignoring her consciousness a tad too long – yesterday her inner voice decided to go on social media to be heard. Imagine if that would happen to you.

Mrs Leuthard has roots in the Christian Democratic People’s Party, so she took a saintly form of Climate Patron St. Doris.

Now St. Doris is busy in Twitter advocating for more ambitious climate targets and discussing the #COP20 climate meeting, which her physical self is attending to. To reach the majority of Swiss habitants, St. Doris speaks fluent German, French and Italian in her Facebook page.

St. Doris is a creation of a Swiss climate alliance, descriptively named Klima-Allianz, which is addressing a petition to Doris Leuthardt. Since Switzerland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, the time has come to for it to finally lead the way in taking action on climate change. So far 18 000 people are asking the Environmental minister to ensure that Switzerland consistently changes its energy supply towards renewable sources, reaching 100% renewables by 2050. In addition Switzerland should help developing countries in adaptation to climate change.

Should Mrs. Leuthard requests the ownership of #StDoris social media accounts, I’m sure the Klima-Allianz would give it to her – as soon as she begins to act as saintly as Swiss people expect her to. If you speak in languages, join the congregation of St. Doris on Twitter and Facebook.

The online petition was designed by Spinas Civil Voices. My company was hired to design the online marketing strategy.