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Polar Bear Watch

My first digital marketing campaign designed for WWF International is out there to grab your attention. In a week it received 56 million impressions. I’m not a fan of incomprehensible big numbers such as impressions, but I like millions. The campaign is spreading exceptionally well in Twitter, just check for tweets with the hashtag #PolarBearWatch. Here are some digital marketing cues on why it works:

1) Key visual is out of the ordinary
With all those fluffy polar bear photos out there, have you ever seen a bear pic as eye-catching like the one above? The same photo is decorating WWF international’s front page, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube cover, shared in Instagram, Pinterest and what have you. I have to quote Greenpeace Nordic‘s Art Director here: “The first interesting picture of a polar bear I’ve seen in 7 years.”

Quote from Christian Uhlenfeldt

2) Landing page has unseen, delightful content
We’re asking people if they’d like to see the world through polar bears eyes. The most attractive content on the landing page is the first and only point-of-view video ever – taken from a polar bear collar camera, showing a female polar bear catching a meal and sizing up a potential mate. It’s on the website.

3) Donated daily tweets multiply the buzz
WWF International had a dormant Justcoz.org/WWF account with 5 800+ Twitterers who have agreed to donate an automatic tweet daily. When put into use, this functionality can now reach 2,1 million in Twitter – which is more than WWF’s official Twitter channel reaches. In some countries, it can even get a hashtag trending. As icing on the cake, every time the tool is used to send a daily tweet, a handful of new people sign up to donate a tweet.

The website scales snuggly to most devices. Happy scrolling at panda.org/PolarBearWatch!