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Veera’s designer skills have acquired several acknowledged online industry awards for one of her clients, the Finnish Railways, bringing prestige to the company and strengthening our long-term customer-relationship.

Veera has proven to be a highly valuable asset in our client acquisition, as she has promoted her expertise in the most convincing manner in business negotiations. Veera has worked intensively and directly with clients and that’s where her strengths are best highlighted.

Veera is extremely reliable, innovative and creative, and she has performed her tasks precisely on time and maintaining high quality. She’s considered a very likeable team member, whose expertise is fully trusted.

I can gladly recommend her to similar, demanding expert positions.

Claudia Treuthardt

Creative Director, KnowIT Ltd

Veera was able to step into a tight-knit team and make a difference straight away as she ‘got’ what WWF were about. She brought great ideas and insight to our work from her experience and delivered solid communications against occasionally challenging circumstances. She worked across advocacy, supporter comms, crisis comms and fundraising with ease.

All of us in the team wish her the best of luck with her new role, and hope we get the chance to work together again soon.

Adrian Cockle

Digital Innovation Manager, WWF International

Working with Veera is a real pleasure. She’s got a very solid understanding of all aspects that are needed for making large high-intensity digital campaigns succeed. Veera is a creative thinker and has the skills needed to take her ideas into practice. I appreciate her hands-on attitude. She takes ideas into action faster than you can say “project proposal”.

Touko Sipiläinen

Digital Marketing Manager, Greenpeace Nordic, Finland

Veera is one of the best concept designers I’ve known. She can easily grasp the big picture and at the same time be very detail oriented. Veera is a committed worker with a can-do attitude. She is very creative and has the capability to think outside the box. Workin with Veera was a pleasure.

Saara Lehmuskoski

Consultant, Endero Oyj

Working with Veera is the easiest thing you can ever imagine. She is always on top of everything and you will never see her missing a deadline. She is quick, precise and efficient. She is innovative, creative and very well knowledgeable when it comes to design new digital strategies.

We work together every day as part of the same global team who is managing Greenpeace’s top priority campaign to Save the Arctic. I truly enjoy working with her as she is also an amazing team person. Whoever takes her in Switzerland will be really lucky!

Cristiana De Lia

Campaigner, Greenpeace Nordic, Denmark

Veera has been the International Digital Lead on two global number 1 priority projects, the Act for Arctic, and The Arctic Ship tour and it’s follow up Free the Arctic 30, which engaged more online supporters than any Greenpeace campaign to date.

Veera has carried out her duties with excellent results and to our fullest satisfaction. She has received remarkable external recognition of her work as well. The anti nuclear campaign won a marketing industry Grand One award of the best innovative media in Finland 2010. Her design, Neste Oil’s spoof annual report, lead into a victory in the World Intellectual Property Organisation case between Greenpeace and Neste Oil, paving us the way to rightfully parody oil companies online.

She has been a highly valued colleague, not least because of her interest in the general well-being of the people in the role of the Personnel Safety Representative.

Sini Harkki

Country Director, Greenpeace Nordic, Finland

Veera is one of the rare marketeers which does not hide behind jive and buzzwords. She is very focused, creative and a real asset to all her co-workers.

Max Calabrese

Web Developer, Greenpeace Nordic, Norway

Veera is a very creative and dedicated colleague of mine. Throughout 2013 we worked closely together developing the communication around the ship tour of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise and the confrontation of oil drilling in the Russian Arctic.

When the Russian authorities responded to a peaceful protest by jailing 28 international activists and two freelance photographers and seizing the Arctic Sunrise, they created an international incident. Despite being in the middle of a diplomatic storm and having 30 people deprived of their freedom, Veera kept a cool head with a clear focus on the objectives helping secure the eventual release and promoting the campaign to save the Arctic.

Veera has my best recommendations.

Sune Scheller

Communications Officer, Greenpeace Nordic, Denmark

Veera is an effective and innovative Concept Designer who knows how to proceed great ideas into profitable and user friendly web concepts. Veeras knowledge in digital surfaces is up to date, and ideas too!

Reeta Laamo

Art Director, Endero Oyj

Veera has the innate ability to understand complex subjects and can simplify the messaging for potential supporters to understand. She is always one of the frontrunner to test new social media network sites and see how they can be used in campaigns. Veera is very organized and can outline detail tasks that needs to be done in a project. Her follow-up skills can be commended and this is very crucial when you need a person who is working in virtual teams

Shirley Johansson

Head of Digital, Greenpeace Nordic, Sweden