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It's October, so you know what that means... Merry Christmas!

I will throw a Christmas party in Zurich, and you are invited.

There must certainly be more English-speaking, outgoing digital campaigners in the area than me and Duane Raymond, the lovely British founder of FairSay and the e-campaigning forum. We plotted about throwing a party during a morning cup of caffeine, and by the time of an afternoon refill Duane had gotten Andreas Freimüller involved and excited. Since Andreas manages Kampaweb, the leading competence center for online campaigning in Switzerland, I am sure an official invite will be coming out in German. In case you are breaking into cold sweat trying to understand this romantic language, or you are laughing out loud reading Google translations like I do, follow my blog for an English invite.

We would like to know if You’d be interested to mingle and jingle with us sometime around Christmas, so please tweet us a jolly reply by hitting the big, fat button below.

Ho ho ho! Let´s have a Xmas party with @Kampaweb @FairSay and digital campaigners around #Zurich via @VeeraJuvonen”