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Once upon a time I worked for Greenpeace, but had to leave it behind in order to migrate south, seeking refugee from the harsh nordic climate. Behold, it didn’t take long for the green and the peaceful to find me from Switzerland.

Greenpeace recently shared a sequel to the saga of Lord of the Rings, created by the creative agency Spinas Civil Voices, where I store my coffee cup nowadays. The film has reached over 3,5 million people with the first German Facebook post, and more is to come.

In a quest to clarify the funky acronyms such as TTIP, TiSA, TTP and CETA, this film portrays these secretive trade agreements as the deal of the devil, hindering the progress of a clean energy revolution. “One Plan to rule them all” turned out quite mighty!

As a digital marketer, I ought to urge you to sign the petition to stop dark trade, and demand for transparent trade negotiations. But then I saw photos of people on BBC opposing the dubious trade agreements on the streets in rainy Munich, and were utterly impressed.

That’s showing some resistance! Sign first, and then be more German, and join the next demonstration near you.