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These five, frequently surfacing issues seem to hinder the social media success of many NGOs:

  1. You’re scaring and depressing me
  2. Your visuals are done with the left hand
  3. You are posting in languages your followers don’t speak
  4. Your staff doesn’t share your content
  5. You’re not being social on social media

4. Your staff doesn’t share your content

Have you caught yourself thinking, that your NGO would blow minds on social media, if only the staff would share everything that you posted? And then you struggled, when noticing that even the staff doesn’t share it all, although they should definitely be in the target group, more than anyone.

Unlike many commercial companies, I assume that NGOs have the advantage of a highly motivated staff, which is committed to the values of the organization, and thus should be willing to promote it also in social media. Social Media Manager Chris Bühler from WWF-Schweiz sets up in-house training to add smart voices to Twitter:

„We’d like to activate our own staff to promote our messages and values more widely via them on the Social Web. We found out, though, that this is easier said than done: While some share at least their own stories, others are skeptical towards everything online as a principle. It helps to spend a lot of time talking to my colleagues, rather focusing on where they stand at the moment regarding Social Media.“

– Chris Bühler, Social Media Manager, WWF-Schweiz

There’s no need to delve in sorrow if your colleagues are not doing your work with you just yet. The staff isn’t your main target audience online.

You’ll want to target the supporters who are already SoMe savvy, and grow the amount of those supporters to a critical mass, that can make a difference to your cause. Adjust your communications online to address their values, and invest in reaching the people who share the same interests. On social media you know who you are talking with, and can ignite a spark to blow minds. To get started, you could invest in promoting your posts on Facebook to reach all of your current followers, then their friends, and lookalike audiences.